Regular workout unveils new you

Gym Workout Machines

Max Power House Gym is fully equipped with top-notch and high-end gym workout machines carefully selected for real desired workout result. Separate gym equipments for men and women. Get fit and energetic in this hasty moving world.

Get into Shape, Now! with our Personal Fitness Trainers

Redefine Your Goals Challenge Yourself


We are a team of personal fitness trainers striving to help as many people as possible by providing a professional guidance. Trainers will teach you what pace and intensity level is required to get into great shape; Turn Weaknesses into Strengths. Creative and motivating certified personal trainers will build a tailored personal training program for you, from scratch, to help you become your best.


Flex your Muscles

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Cardio Exercises

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Max Power House



Target Specific Muscles

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Weight Lifting

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Detox your body after healthy sweat

In-house Sauna and Steam room

Max Power House Gym detoxs you after rigorous fitness workout. The high temperatures in sauna causes blood vessels to dilate and increase the flow of blood to the skin. Sitting in sauna after a workout can help eliminate dead skin cells and expose new layers of skin. Using a sauna regularly will help you have younger looking skin in no time. Sauna can increase body’s metabolic process which burns more calories (further boosting your workout).

  • Improve your endurance by use of sauna after every work out session.
  • Expel dead cells from prolonged heat exposure.
  • Sweat out toxins and purify yourself.
Get into Shape, Now! with Max Power House Gym

Refresh and gear up for your next routine

  • Hygienic and ready to use wash rooms stuffed with needy.
  • Deep cleansed after every usage.
  • Refresh and gear up for your next routine of the day without any hesitation.
Protect belongings while Busy Working out

Private Lockers to safe guard

Fitting in your workout on your lunch break or on your way to pick up the kids?

Max Power House Gym provides pristine lockers as part of your membership to make it easy to get your workout on the go at our Deira gym. Just throw your gym bag in the car and swing by our fitness workout session.

  • Protect your things including devices, wallets and other belongings.
  • Smart devices can distract you from workout its better to keep it safe in our private lockers.
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