The best Gym Routine to lose weight

1. Clock more cardio.
With some of Max Power House Gym’s cardio equipments, you can clock your cardio work out more extensively. Our trainer guides with best equipments in the row and how much it can be clocked with intervals.
• Tread Mill
• Stair Mill
• Rowing Machine
• Airdyne
• Spine Bike
• Skierg
• ARC Trainer
• Elliptical
• Recumbent Bike

2. Warm up — especially in the morning.
Your morning workout is like you are going 0 to 100 in minutes. You are really giving a shock to your heart. Taking intense anaerobic workouts without warm-up, makes you feel tired throughout the day. A 10 minutes warm-up before you start to hit the gym equipments, keeps you refresh and active.

3. Fluctuate between different intensities.
When you changing things for your body it takes time to adopt. More work you give expects more fuel to get the job done. Max Power House Gym guides to shift within exercises from hard paced cardio to intense cardio which gives you the most bang to keep up the pace of your workout inclined in a steady way.

4. Do not fear weights.
When you shed the fat the toned muscle will cover you up to show off healthy and young looking body. Weight Lifting burns your unwanted fat and trims muscle strength and density. The more muscle you have the more calorie you burnt.

5. Exhaust whatever muscle you’re working.
Whenever your muscle feel exhaust while working out, you will feel like time out. But fact is that you are making the muscle to work out, burning accumulated fat in that exhausted area and gaining more muscle strength.

6. Alternate between working different muscle groups.
Max Power House Gym offers you cross-training, this technique helps you to sustain longer in your work out session. When your legs feel exhausted instead of giving intervals can go for overhead presses and lower arm workout, After your legs regain, continue with another set of lower body toning.

7. Stop wasting time between exercises.
Frequent intervals when your heart is pounding fast, will lead to retire from workout soon. Keep your heart rate elevated with cross-training, this gives you to sustain more in workout and blood purification is faster than ever and burns more calories and detoxes your body.

8. Engage your core during every exercise.
Major workout involves core to tone by itself so remember to squeeze it. Burn more core fat in abs and back workouts than biceps. Engage in group workout at once and try some rotation, plank twist, arm/leg lift up and as you feel. May Power House Gym trainers guide you with set of group workout that suits your body.

9. Vary your workouts.
Your muscle gets used to your workout routine and after certain time it lowers burning of calories. So adopt different workout pattern with same used gym equipments and incorporate new fitness prop into your routine. We advise you to have a varied workout routine after your muscle gets used.

10. Rethink your pre-workout snack.
Normally every one tend to avoid snack before workout, this helps to burn the fat right away you start your workout routine. The downside is empty stomach always accompanied with low energy; you can’t work to your fullest. So can take little plant based snack before hitting the gym. Max Power House Gym nutrition plan comes fulfills this dilemma.

11. Sip water during your workout.
Being you are working out vigorously, your body oxygen supply lowers and leads to drop of energy. So do sip water in regular intervals throughout your work out session. Sip of water helps in flushing toxins that melted during work out and burns as much as calories.

12. Forget about the scale.
Work out always tones your body for both skinny and muscle. Ignore the scale numbers, focus on shedding fat and burning unwanted calories and accumulated in over long run. Need to focus on healthy and un-medicated life style rather than the scale numbers.

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